viernes, 11 de marzo de 2016

At Las Lagartosas Tourism

At Las Lagartosas Tourism, we  specialise in Iberian Pig and Retinta Cow farming using traditional methods in the largest and most beautiful Dehesa in the world, La Dehesa de Los Pedroches. A large forest of oaktrees whose fruit, the acorns, feed the animals that roam it. 

At Las Lagartosas we show our guests the daily life in the fields, surrounded by nature where you can  enjoy our way of life and recharge your batteries.
 Through our experiences, guests get to learn our culture and traditions, both outdoors and in our traditional  farmhouse by the warmth of a welcoming log fire.

We offer:
- Guided tour through La Dehesa 
- Lunch of Iberian cured and grilled local produce.
- Iberian ham Workshop and Tasting by a master ham slicer.
- Sale of Iberian ham.
- Stargazing.
- Equestrian dressage exhibition (classical, “vaquera” and “natural”)
- Horse and cart tourEngland
- Music in the afternoon.

We plan and arrange your event at Las Lagartosas.
Telf. +34 676 34 49 62 

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